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Hair Dryer for Covering Fixs

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Default Hair Dryer for Covering Fixs

Dont know if anyone has tried this or not but my Sports Airobatic was looking a bit rough in the solar film area so i decided to straughten it up a bit.So i borrowed the wifes hairdryer wich is about 2000w and proceeded to iron-out a few patches as i dont have a you beaut heating iron and it worked a treat! Plane looks and feels much better now however you really have to be careful as getting the heat into some areas can be a challenge,but ime pleased with the results Emil
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A lot of folk use hairdriers but you need to keep them well back from the job. So easy to 'slip'.
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Old 02-19-2018, 12:19 AM
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Yeah - I've used my heat gun to tighten up film that's gotten a bit saggy, but you've gotta be careful to keep it moving and not let anything get too hot.
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I use both covering iron and heat gun to tighten up covering. Hair dryer is just a heat gun for hair.
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I've lost count of the holes I've blown into film with hot air guns !!

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From what I understand, the average hand held hair blowers are made not to exceed the temp of 140*F (the temp human skin starts to burn).......many mono type film manufactures suggest 175* to 195* for application to wood........there are heat gun blowers made specifically for that son and I "wrapped" a hood, trunk lid, and front doors on his "drift racer". We used 3M1080 vinyl and a hobby grade mono heat gun. It worked pretty well (in the sun on a hot day)....we used a common hair blower to shrink the bubbles we managed to form on a few spots near creases.
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Originally Posted by pizzano View Post
From what I understand, the average hand held hair blowers are made not to exceed the temp of 140*F (the temp human skin starts to burn).......
I tend to agree with this. Not sure the limit is 140, but it is close enough. I moderate on two professional forums, one being electronic forum where solder reflow is discussed. There are a couple of articles on the subject and one is a myth-buster that hair blow dryers can be used, even the so-called 1875 watt models cannot even come close to doing the job

Now while some might argue we are not talking up to 430 degrees to reflow solder are not required, I get it. But with all the test ran with industrial K Thermocoupler highest temps recorded are 140 to 150 degrees. Whereas say a industrial 1600 watt heat gun like you see below, can heat the same area at the same distance up to 1000 degrees with less wattage. I have one, and when I use to smoke, I could light a cigarette with it. I use it to reflow solder, heat shrink, strip paint, remove golf club heads, debond epoxy, bend PVC pipe, grilled cheese sandwich, thaw pipes, kill mice with prejudice, and UltraKote.

Bosch Heat Gun

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