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Blade Mach 25 Quad

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Default Blade Mach 25 Quad

Had a chance to touch the new Blade racer quad buddy's partner's LHS had a rep come out with one this morning.

No one got a chance to fly it.....just the rep. It's fast and smart, that's all I can say about that aspect for now.

Any of you who have followed my threads on Blade Heli's and Quads will know I'm a big fan of their products.........but not this one!


"Key Features

  • Fully assembled, no building necessary
  • SAFE® technology makes FPV racing easy
  • Multiple SAFE enabled flight modes
  • Spektrum™ AR636QR DSMX® quad-racing receiver with pressure sensor
  • Spektrum 25mw ultra micro FPV camera system (installed, Ham Radio License Required))
  • Vibration-damping, carbon-fiber camera mount
  • Powerful 2300Kv brushless outrunner motors
  • Compact Castle Creations 4-in-1 ESC
  • Self-tightening hubs allow tool-free propeller replacement
  • Robust 2mm carbon-fiber frames with tough aluminum frame supports
  • Canted motor mounts for faster acceleration and higher flight speeds
  • Intense, multi-color LED lighting system (installed)
  • E-flite® 1350mAh 3S 11.1V Li-Po flight battery (included)
  • Streamlined body designed by stylist Mirco Pecorari of Aircraft Studio Design

Needed To Complete

  • Full-range 5+ channel, multi-function transmitter with Spektrum™ 2.4GHz DSM2®/DSMX® technology
  • Fat Shark 5.8GHz compatible FPV headset and/or FPV monitor
  • Suitable Li-Po flight battery charger


An Immersive RC Flight Experience Focused on Performance

The Blade® Mach 25™ multirotor makes getting into 250-class quad-racing easy. Thick carbon-fiber plate construction with robust aluminum support makes this fully assembled racer lightweight and incredibly durable. In the event of a mishap, replacement of the self-tightening propellers is all you’ll likely need. Brilliant LED lighting helps with orientation and identification in the heat of a race. Powerful motors that are canted forward help give you the performance edge while the protected ultra micro FPV camera is soft mounted for the best view. The streamlined body combines improved aerodynamics with an additional level of protection that makes your Mach 25 machine stand out from the pack.
Exclusive SAFE® (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology built into the Spektrum AR636QR receiver is a revolutionary electronic flight envelope protection system that makes it easy to stay in control. Multiple flight modes with increasing levels of agility are provided and just a transmitter switch away. From maximum assistance with self-leveling and envelope limitations to full-range aerobatic agility, SAFE technology gives you the ability to get up to speed at your own pace.
Bind-N-Fly® Completion

Now it’s possible to start enjoying high-performance racing virtually the moment you open the box. Just charge the battery, bind the model to your DSMX® technology compatible transmitter and fly.
FPV Ready

The installed Spektrum™ ultra micro, 25mW airborne FPV camera system is mounted to a damped carbon-fiber plate and features excellent range for approved AMA line-of-sight FPV flying. All you need to enjoy the view is a Fat Shark compatible headset or 5.8GHz video monitor.
Carbon-Fiber Frame

Durable, 2.0mm thick, carbon-fiber frame plates surround vital electronics and connect with tough CNC-machined aluminum supports that hold the aluminum motor booms.
Canted Motor Mounts

For quicker acceleration and faster forward flight the four brushless motors are mounted at a forward angle. Its lower flight angle also improves your visibility through the camera.
Self-Tightening Propellers

No tools are required to change out broken props. The self-tightening hubs make changing props quick so that you can get back to racing quicker. The other benefit of the hub design is that it makes the cost of propeller replacement much lower.
Integrated LED Lighting

Brilliant LED lighting in each motor boom helps with your visual orientation and makes it possible to locate your opponent more quickly.
Streamlined Body

To improve aerodynamics and add a level of protection against the elements is a durable body that’s been custom designed by Mirco Pecorari of Aircraft Studio Design."

The first thing that got my attention was the durability aspect. It's supposed to be a racer, where I come from that means it can take a hit/tumble and keep on ticking.................regardless of the carbon fiber aspects of the frame, the body shell does not provide enough protection for the vitals and will pop-off which exposes all of the PC boards and antennas.

The battery compartment is secure, but any jolt will force the battery out of it's position causing the body shell to launch.

The second thing I noticed was the prop security........self locking..?.........due to this feature, any prop hit will cause stress on the frame and motors. There's no "give" and if the props don't shatter first the frame and motor will.

The third issue is the price........without the additional FPV head-set, the estimated retail purchase price (BNF) is over $450.00. Add the suggested Shark FPV set-up, and you're looking at over $600.00..........for a 250 size Quad with SAFE Technology..........give me a break...!

The stock camera set-up has limited back resolution is in the 720HD range.........for more money you can upgrade........give me another break....!

I'm not considering this quad (I own or have owned the Blade Nano, 200QX and 350QX)......this racer is completely over priced and needs more refinement before it's shipped out to the masses for competition......Hell, if I was inclined to compete in a Quad 200-250 class, for under $150.00 I could modify and add a decent Shark FPV to my 200QX and be cost for that would be under $500.00 and with a stock body shell that will protect the really expensive stuff in the event of a dumb stick event........

I'm clearly disappointed in this Blade quad......Horizon needs to assert some attention to this products sustainability before it starts merchandizing the hell out of it......!

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love to build!
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it really looks fast,but i agree we could buy a 250 frame and outfit it with components for a lot less than $450. strange in the write up it says "spectrum 25mw ultra micro fpv camera system.[installed,Ham radio license required]" that must be a misprint.

i'v been watching a bunch of racing videos of 250 quads and have to say i was really impressed with how fast these guys fly a coarse inside an empty parking garage or abandoned buildings. they all sit around wearing goggles and race.

i am enjoying the blade 350qx v.2 but had a few interesting glitches yesterday. it did a roll on its own and the second time it was only 10ft high and hit hard. the go pro flew of,the fpv camera flew off,and i broke a prop. otherwise all seems ok.

i posted the video of the flight on the thread"who crashed today" i wonder if this ever happened to your 350qx? let me know.
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Never had a "roll" just happen on either the 200QX or 350QX..........have lost signal on both once or twice, the 200 just floated to the ground, the 350 banked, spun a 180 and once it got about 40' above me, regained signal and started a slow decent. I was able regain control and brought it down..........never figured out why both lost signal in an area I fly a lot......?

I don't fly FPV on those, the 350 has since been converted to a Shark set-up (the one I sold to the guys who crashed it using a ground station set-up).....they have not had any issues I'm aware of since the last crash......your incident seems unique...sounds like a power glitch of some kind.

There are a few guys that hang out at the LHS who have started a racing group at their club......I've been to the field they fly at a couple of times, it is odd to see a 1/2 dozen guys grouped together at one end of the field all wearing goggles and yipping it up while racing the course they set up......looks like fun, but I'm not quite ready for that type of speed, flying FPV.....and my 200 is still all in one piece.....LOL
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