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New to this, all over again.

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Default New to this, all over again.

Hello people. I got into flying back in 2007. I'm mean I REALLY got into flying. At one point I had between 30 and 35 planes of all sorts of descriptions. Most were electric and most were E-Flite. I still have a Parkzone Typhoon if anyone remembers.

I'm posting this because I'm considering revisiting the hobby. I stayed with it heavy for about four years until the wife, who sort of pushed me toward this hobby (long story) started complaning that I was spending to much time at the field.. I guess the reason that I'm posting this is because I'd like to know what's changed? My TX was a Spektrum DX7 which used the AR series of RX. I guess that DSM2 is still a thing? I used to buy Zippy lipos from Hobbyking. They were really good batteries at the time. Turnigy sucked, What are the current dos and don'ts in 2021? Really appreciate any input you all might have... Thanks!!!

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Originally Posted by boodaghost View Post
... I used to buy Zippy lipos from Hobbyking. They were really good batteries at the time. Turnigy sucked ...
C-ratings, discharge rates, stickertuning and other blatant lies. Using uniform tests, getting published/reffered in opening posts:
Battery Load Test Comparisons - RCG

Some excellent battery info
LiPo best care practices - post#8346 - RCG
  • Maximizing Cycle Life and Performance
  • Storage Facts
  • Fun Facts
  • Nerd Facts a.k.a Solid-Electrolyte Interphase (SEI) layer
  • Thermal Runaway
  • Results, Comparisons, and Lies exposed in opening posts

And there's this post#198 by Frank Siegert, about (yet) another advantage of heating a battery to body temperature, through and through, for about one hour. Before using and before charging. Not only voltage is higher and battery wear lower, but also ...
Short flight time is killing me - post#198

Want more background info?
Lithium Polymer Battery Technology - RCG
An introduction, with special consideration of RC model lithium batteries.
By dipl.-ing. Frank Siegert, a.k.a. RCG user bzfrank.

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HK 'Zippy' still are good reliable batteries! Not the highest output rate but they last very well if treated right.
Everything is a bit lighter and more powerful but it only makes a difference if you are extracting the last little bit of performance.
FAA Legislation is rather different and is likely to get stricter.
And the Spektrum quality/reliability debate is still alive and well.
DSM2 has been replaced by DSMX and in some SRLX2.
The biggest change is the use of flight controllers, telemetry and open protocol systems if that is your thing.
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As Q says ... its just about evolution of the systems you used in 2007.

Motors are slightly more powerful vs weight ... LiPo's haven't changed that much despite Nanotech etc. You cannot change physics / chemistry laws. We do have LiHV now ... LiPo's that can be charged to 4.35V per cell instead of the standard 4.2V. BUT take care to make sure you know which you have !!

Everyone is waiting for the next revolution in RC ... and I think I can say quite fairly - its not coming from the Brand Leaders of old.

Your old Spektrum gear can now be linked to Multi-Protocol radios and they cost a fraction of the proprietary Spektrum Tx price. You will have possibility to no longer worry about what Rx is in the model ... the Tx will be user settable to whatever you have.

Models themselves ? This is a strange area - Foam of course caused a cataclysmic change in models - making what were difficult subjects flyable. BUT wood structure models have clung on and in fact still rule the large model arena. But Balsa is no longer widely available as it was due to environmental issues ... so alternatives have been secured ... particularly the development of Lite Ply - which Pilot pioneered many years ago.

Of course there's now 3D printing which can produce a whole model - or parts for. But I do not believe it will overtake the mainstream.

Despite the increased rules and regs - the RC world is still exciting ...
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Default Thanks all

I guess I'm still good with my DX7s. Good to know. What I WAS surprised by was the two main US manufacturers seen to have combined. Tower and Horizon are selling some of the same stuff. I guess that some of the Asian competition must have had an impact.. I guess that that is a good thing. What does bother me is the fact that I have a lot of outdated aircraft. I'd be incredibly nervous hanging my old Eflite Taylorcraft up knowing that parts aren't easily replaced. This plane means a lot to me as my father owned the real thing back in the 50s. I have a lot of money tied up in these old planes. I wish I could sell many of them and start over. I have to say, however, that not a lot of what's out there appeals to me. Anyway, I really appreciate the input!!!
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