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hadn't been flying the Crashteast Hobby Pinata much and Crashed her pretty hard today. The Pinata was flying great and the weather was perfect. I was fpv'ing with a spotter and all was going great. That is until it nose dived while flying perfectly level. I don't even want to guess what happened but it's the second time this wing took a dive out of the blue.

The battery crushed the rx and was also crushed. even the motor mount bent since she nosed in hard. No more using knockoff rx's like the one called"lemon rx".... Also the esc was an old one from the parts drawer and had seen better days.

Time to order a Spektrum 6 channel rx with booster antenna for $40. Thinking of pulling a esc out of one of the planes hanging on the wall that are not getting flown these days. A Castle 100amp should do the job nicely.

The wing sustained very little damage and the over all repairs will be very easy. Boy do I love EPP foam!!!!
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