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Originally Posted by Alpea42 View Post
I don't know about the rest of you customers. But I am liking the EDF jets H.L. sells. Haven't found a lemon amongst em yet. Anybody else try any of em.
I love every bird I ever bought from HL. However, I did have a lemon! When they first came out with the F-18 Hornet (their first version) I bought it. It was so underpowered it wasn't funny. Could of had a bad battery or something, don't know. It was a RTF plane, battery included.

One of the servos leads came loose from the Rx in flight...flight only lasted about 40-50 seconds. Lost control, lost orientation and down she went. They sent me a new airframe for free! Excellent customer service!

Other than that, I've never been disappointed.


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