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Originally Posted by Rabbitcreekok View Post
Ummmmm, John, the Hobby Lobby store you are speaking of is the chain of craft stores. This Hobby Lobby has only one location, the one Jason is speaking of in Brentwood, Tennessee. They are two different HL's.
Well I guess I've learned something today but in all the years of hearing about "Hobby Lobby" I never knew there were 2 different stores under the 1 name of "Hobby Lobby". Even the employees of this store don't seem to know that since when I've asked them why they don't stock any "RC related items or kits" they tell me that they "...don't have the room but that I/they can order what I want online". Then I get that "Deer in the headlights look" when I say something about needing something the same day. It's like they never heard of such a thing since they don't stock it. It really is a huge store IMO.
Anyway, Thanks for the information on the different types of stores under the HL name. Clears up some confusion but on the other hand it sorta creates more in a way. I also still stand by what I said about their balsa stock, it truly is the worst I've ever seen!!!

Standing By,

Okay , so I Google this local Hobby Lobby and it's called a Creative Center but I think they still should stock lots of RC items as well because we've been known to be very creative when we need to or want to be

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