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Default E-flight Park 400 on a HZ supercub?

I have an E-flight Park 400 inrunner motor + a CC Phoenix 25A ESC from an old helicopter installation I used to run.

Last night I removed the gear box from my HZ Supercub and offered up the Park 400 to the Gear box mount and it all lined up ok. I thought I was onto a winner and pulled the pinion off of the old motor to find that it was a 2.3mm shaft and my Park 400 is a 2mm shaft

My question is: would this motor even work (i.e. give sufficient power) for the supercub bolted onto the existing gear box and if it will, then where in the UK would I be able to source an appropriately sized pinion?

Anyone any idea what size prop I should be using with that combo too if it is suitable (Maybe an APC 10x7E ?)?
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