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Well I think I found a few potential issues - one solved, the other in the works. Being fairly new to all of this, I'm learning what I need to look for/pay attention to during setup.

The Sport Cub has a torque rod for each flap and connected to the servo with a y shaped push rod. On the pushrod is a nylon nut if you will with studs on each to attach the clevise.
Sure enough, one was several turns lower than the other which was causing 1 to deflect more that the other. I measured and confirmed that before and after the adjustment. Took it out for a few flights this morning before work and the tendency to roll a little with flaps deployed seems to be gone.

I took fhhuber's advise and scaled back on the % flap deploy to 25% half flaps, 50% full flaps but it still pitches up quite a bit. This is the first flap setup for me so it's a learning experience. I just want to make sure any mechanical or setup issues are out of the mix and the rest is up to me.

One other thing I noticed right out of the box. This plane comes with "flaps optional". You have to cut each flap free and then setup. On the left side, the foam under the hinge tape is so thin, and is almost seperating from the main wing. This is causing the left flap to be "flimsy" for lack of a better term compared the right. I'm wondering if there is enough force on that flap when deployed to cause it to flutter a bit?

Horizon is sending me a new wing. QC issues with 2 planes from them so far but their support is great.

Anyway - thanks for all advice as always. Learning a lot from these exchanges with you guys!
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