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Originally Posted by kyleservicetech View Post
This makes one wonder if the FAA got PO'd when the judges threw out the $10,000 fine against "Trappy" in this video. Just try to count how many safety rules this character broke.


It appears that Trappy settled for a $1,000 fine, without admitting to any guilt.
That is the root of the problem. Government officials really don't like to lose, and the television media is very happy to report drone mis-deeds. Over and over again to sensationalize the act. Gets more ratings.
Doesn't make the FAA look good.

Next problem was when attempting to put rules on the books to stop people like trappy, they had to include all radio controlled models or it would be discrimination.

The FAA really doesn't care about line of sight model airplanes, I've asked a few inspectors and they'd prefer to run away from them, but how would you write the rules so that they would be non discriminatory and still be able to punish( make an example of ) the idiots that fly in the wrong places?
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