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info Rabbit shopping

A little girl walks into a pet store and tells an employee that she’d like to buy a rabbit.

The employee smiles down at the little girl and says, “Right this way! We have lots of different rabbits to choose from depending on what you’re looking for.”

She leads the little girl over to a large enclosure where a huge collection of bunnies of all different sizes and colors are hopping about or laying down.

Pointing to a tiny bunny in the corner, the employee says, “This one is a mini Rex, they are calm and quiet and a good choice for owners who are also calm in nature.”

Moving on, she points at another bunny who is moving about happily and says, “This Polish is cuddly and affectionate if you are wanting a bunny to hold and cuddle often!”

The employee smiles at the little girl and they move onto another bright-eyed bunny munching sweetly on a bit of lettuce. “This one here is a Californian! He’s a little shy but with a gentle handler he will really warm up to being held after some time passes.”

“So,” says the employee, “What do you think? Do you think one of these will work for you or should I show you a few more?”

The little girl gives a shrug and says, “I don’t think my snake really cares.”
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