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Try ordering anyrhing from radical rc as far as slow stick replacement stuff goes. They have some of the laser cut modifications available still, but I'm pretty sure that with all the slow sticks drying up, there gonna go away or not be stocked either. Almost every gws replacement part is listed as long lead time or no longer available.

The first motor mount my dad 3d printed for me was because I couldn't get the gws 35mm motor mount from anywhere, including radical rc. Heads up did manage to get a few, but I had to wait a few months and they also promptly stopped carrying them. This was 2 years ago. The supply of gws parts has always been a joke and took a ton of leg work and multiple phone calls, trips to hobby shops, or different online vendors until you found the plastics kit. Been that way for 5 years or more.

Stevens aero only has the wing mounts and servo tray, along with a Velcro strap and tray for a battery. It would be a good option if you only needed those parts though.

No landing gear. No wheels for landing gear, no tail wheel, the wing or wing braces and most importantly (and most likely to break) no 10mm motor mount.

I guess if ya really want you can go over to millennium and pay $20 plus shipping for landing gear and nearly exact copies of slowstick parts. I really didnt like the landing gear though. Mine broke on the first landing (it was a bit rough to be fair though) and they sell replacement carbon fiber sticks but not any of the plastic. I even had a spare set, and broke that one within a day or two as well.

So yeah, I guess if you go over and hit 5 different hobby shops and online retailers, you can almost get one complete set of plastic parts for about 10x the cost that gws used to sell theirs for.

Or you could download files (which we uploaded for free on thingy verse) and print them out and spend the $.02 in plastic it would cost for most replacement parts.

Actually, my dad has several bags we will call crash kits. He carries them around in the back of his car and gives them away when he runs into other modelers.
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