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Ok, after placing an order earlier this week I have two gripes about the web site. Ok, 2.5 gripes.

1. While I like what you've done with the tabs below the product when clicking the 'parts' tab you should be taken directly to the parts page. NOT to a link to the parts page for the product. Yea, petty but annoying.

2. Shopping cart. The link to the contents of your shopping cart should be at the top of the page while adding items to the cart. Very frustrating trying to see if I put the same thing in my cart twice. Until I found the link waaaaay down at the bottom of the page.

2.5 That script thingie that generates a listing of parts is slow. Very slow. Also. having to uncheck then check box another heli to see the parts list is clunky.

Otherwise the new site looks and drives well enough.


Mike N

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