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Originally Posted by Bobbyra View Post
So what you meant was with right battery/esc combo, 100% throttle is the best?
In practical terms - lets forget about what happens to the ESC when you restrict throttle range on the TX.

When we fly - we usually fly mostly at reduced cruising .. lets say we range about in the 30 - 70% throttle area for most of the flight with occasional 0 and 100%.

So the question comes - why not EPA the the throttle back to 70 .. 80% as max ? Not a good idea

It is best to set 0 - 100% as throttle range and as said already - match the prop - motor - ESC - Battery for optimum ...

Its a matter for most people to accept the fact and not really necessary to try be a scientist to understand !

A few years back on Wattflyer - we had a Need for Speed campaign ... we were pushing the limits of the original Parkjet. I may have been the craziest of all by fitting a 4500kv 450 Heli motor, 5x5 prop and 80A ESC ...
When tested on 3S - the Wattmeter showed 100A ..... crazy ! So to get through test flights - I EPA'd the throttle back to about 70A .... in the two test flights - the 80A ESC came down HOT ! I literally destroyed a LiPo each flight.
My Record breaking 222kph flight was finally made with NO restriction on throttle and a very short run !! But the ESC came down cooler in fact ...

I then flew her regularly on reduced prop with usual speeds of 180+kph.
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