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Default Effect of weight of paint on Flyxone micro SE-5

So I have accumulated enough spares to build a new SE-5 from parts. Since I am starting from parts my thought is to do some painting. I particularly like the US 1920's scheme of gloss OD fuselage and yellow wings. There are a few pictures of these. Also am tempted by the complex and colorful Irish Air Corps one or even the overall doped silver Aussie peacetime ones. I will be airbrushing.

My question is will painting degrade performance. I have seen Albatri and Dr-1s repainted on this forum; how did they do?

Also what is the best glue for assembly? I have been using fast set epoxy for repairs. As these parts are drying up this is my one shot at this and I would rather have a flyer than a looker. Please be free with your advice.

I hate that when the I phone mis-spells FLYZONE - cannot edit the title once it is cast in concrete.
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