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Default Steve Shumate 3D Foamy F-18?

I'm a died in the wool balsa builder. I have no idea whatsoever why I went completely nuts and decided to buy a Depron F-18 from Steve Shumate and 3D Foamy way back in June of 2005. I paid almost $80.00 + shipping for the kit including the decal set way back then. Must have been because I had a great paying job back then and could afford to waste money. Not anymore. At some point I started on the fuselage and immediately ran into problems with the rear section of the fuse not lining up properly with the mid section. I got that all straightened out then pretty much lost interest and stopped assembly. Final completion should be a cake walk from here on.

I know 3D Foamy doesn't exist anymore but they were top of the line while they were out there. I've seen many flat plate foamies fly and have flown several myself. Compared to balsa I just don't like the way flat plate flies and likely never will. Has anyone built and flown the 3D Foamy F-18? If so is a "balsa builder" going to even want to finish and fly this bird or should I post it up on ebay for sale? Flat plate just doesn't fly like a true airfoil. I don't want to waste time on a build that won't excite me. I have many more balsa builds/kits that provide happiness. Maybe, just maybe this F-18 kit is good enough to make me look a little closer at the dark (foam) side? If not it'll be up for sale soon.


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