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Default Seabee Memories...

Originally Posted by ripster327 View Post

Thanks for the nice note. I'm happy those pics brought back such warm memories. Yeah, when you do things like that with your dad 40 years ago, those memories grow fonder and fonder as the years go by. They are real treasures. Glad you could do that with your pops.

You're more than welcome. You don't realize that I've gone all of these years never knowing the name of the plane we flew in until I saw your pictures. I've been looking through Flying Magazine and other sources, but haven't seen it. The Seabee or Sea Bee seems to be a rare plane as I've often seen other types of seaplanes, but I think have seen only one Seabee since our flight in all that time.

It was a little tin "bucket", but you just couldn't help but like it. If I remember correctly, the plane docked head on and the whole front end opened up like one large canopy so we could get in through the front, like those mini-cars.

Since then, I've always been fond of seaplanes and push props. My Aerobird 3 reminds me of the Seabee. When in flight, I took pictures with my little Brownie Starflash camera, and got a little woozy from trying to see side to side. I took pictures of the newly developed Tahoe Keys resort area, at that time.

I wish I could share them with you, but I don't have the computer means. I even took a pic of the plane as it brought the other half of our family back to the dock from our separate flights.

I remember this plane being a two passenger plus the pilot in front. As I remember, it had split red pin striping down it's yellow sides. What a crate, but it had a cuteness to it like a favorite Teddy Bear or model plane. I've always wanted one since then, however, there are sleeker types I've drooled over, too! It was one event in my life that really spawned my interest in aviation. I had made all sorts of plastic plane models and knew every Air Force plane in their '60's fleet, but I never found a model of the Seabee until your posting. It's especially nice to have these thoughts back at this time of the year.

Thanks, again, Paul.

As a surprise update this December 4th, I Googled the Republic Seabee to find a picture resembling the very plane I described above. I tried pasting the picture of a yellow Seabee marked "sold", but the photo wouldn't transfer. You can see it (the N2TB) at:


Strange how my memory remembered the two red pin stripes exactly as pictured in this photo for at least 40 years -- never seen since that time except for my black and white photo on occasion, when I've gone through my pictures a couple of times. Anyway, thought you might like to see it.

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