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Originally Posted by rcproptester View Post
I have a BNF version sitting in the back room at Hodges waiting on me to come get it!
Just curious, but how exactly does the binding process work and is there instructions on how to set up the TX?
I will be using mine with my 9303 if it makes any difference...
I bought the RTF version, and the manual says that if you power up the mCX it will go into binding mode in 5 seconds if it doesn't find the Tx it's bound to. You'll know the mCX is in binding mode because the cockpit LED will start blinking. At this point, start up your Tx in binding mode and the two will connect.

I haven't set up my DX6i to work with this yet, but from what I've read, the easiest way to set up the Tx is as an airplane model.
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