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Originally Posted by carhop View Post
Sparkey Paul
With the CX2 TX you said you had to reverse Pitch Roll and yaw.
What are the numbers for the 3 switches.
I was wondering if you can bind it to the CX2 tx and the DX6i or would it lose the bind going from one to the other.
I asked this on another forum and the consensus was you have to rebind when you want to use different transmitters. I'll find out for sure once I have mine. I'm buying an RTF model so I can bring the el-cheapo Tx when I want to bring just the mCX with me and also use my DX6i when I'm going to bring multiple models somewhere.

If nothing else, the binding process will be quite simple since the Rx will automatically enter binding mode a few seconds after powerup if it doesn't detect the Tx it is currently bound to.
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