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Originally Posted by Bill G View Post
That's because people don't know what they're doing anymore, and only want the most raved RTF models. Solid foam and retracts weigh. I've had one Alfa FW190 for years now, which I will deem uncrashable, as you can get out of situations that a heavier molded foam plane never could. Sad that people only want these heavy, molded foam planes with bells and whistles.

+1 Bill.

I love my Alfa Corsair. It out performs all the bannana's and parkzones like crazy.

Super dureable too.. I've horsed around with it and even had a mid air, only to hit it with a little CA and filler on a wingtip.

All I gotta do is point up and go to full military power.... those other planes simply watch me leave them for the clouds.

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