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Originally Posted by rcers View Post
They fly wonderfully as they are light - but the downside is they are pretty fragile. You can have durable = heavy or delicate = light. Light flies better IMHO. To be honest I don't have any big issues with durability and have some over 7 years old!
Good to see you had success with these. My first exposure to alfa planes (and foamie arf's in general) was when I first got back into modelling about 5 years back. I went to a big club day that was advertised at a LHS in the town where I used to live. There was a distinct contempt for electrics anyway (not "real planes" I was told) and when the parkzone mustang went in due to a radio glitch, it exploded into a hundred bits. The Alfa jet ( I think it was an F86) literally shattered like glass though, and was totally beyond repair. I remember talking to the dismayed owners, who vowed to returned to balsa and glo and not waste any money on these "toys". Needless to say, my next plane was a scratchbuilt balsa sailplane, but fast forward five years, and I've gone full circle. EPP is my foam of choice, and leaves those balsa planes and arf foamies far behind. However I really like getting these fragile foam arfs, pulling them to bits, and rebuilding them to make a much better product. The Huckbein is the latest of these projects, so we'll see how she turns out
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