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Default Free plans

These are plans from kits I built. If you want them you can have them for the shipping cost. The plans are in great condition.n Most are for electric, or can be converted.

1) Great Planes, Ryan_STA, EP

2) Ace R/C, Seamaster 40

3) Gary Wright, E3D Electric Sport model.

4) My Design, Illusion This is a model I designed. The dimension is based on the ugly stick. Except a lot cleaner airframe. .40 powered. No pic is available, the plans is 2 sheets.

5) Jet Hangar Hobbies F-86 Wing drawing. I did this drawing for foam cutting the wing with all the cutouts needed for retracts, etc.

6) Original plan set for the Balsa USA, North Star. It has all of the original sheets, that came with the kit,

7) Original plan set for the RBC, A-10 twin for 55 mm EDF, Includes 1 sheet of all the cut parts.

8) Original plan set for the RBC, A-4 Skyhawk, for 55 EDF mm motors. Includes 3 sheet of all the cut parts.

9) Lofting drawings from McDonald Douglas for the A-4 Skyhawk. I used these to make a new design.
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