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Griff Murphey
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Yeah I have been advised the Champ is a great starter. Well I did not go that way.

My "logbook" totals over 300 flights 30 sec. Or greater - would estimate another 300 plus, I am getting there. On still days I can fly good boxes and figure 8's, occasionally make clean 3 point landings. No loop, yet. The DR-1 is on sale right now at $20 off from Tower Hobbies so I have one on order and one on my Santa Claus letter. Actually from the you tubes I have seen the DR looks very stable and docile. The only problem is it is so tall it does tend to nose over on landings. I want to try some conversions of simple stick and tissues although scratch is not hard.

Try to fly daily weather permitting.

I think and hope the styrofoam pilot that has been in all 4 of my planes has learned something.
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