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Default parkzone ultra-micro p-51 bnf for $90-rtf version for $118

Hey all
I just bought a Parkzone ultra micro p-51 bnf from A Main Hobbies. I don't know how long it's been going on for (or how they're going to continue it) but unlike the other sites I found, they were selling it for $90 instead of 100! It says 99.99 when you look at the list of products, but if you sign into your account (or make a new one) and add it to the cart then, it's only 89.99. Same with the rtf model; it's 118 instead of 130. Parts are less expensive too; the complete tail was $8 (8 or 9? I forget) Pretty much all of the parts are 1-3 off normal stores

I'm not associated with AMainHobbies in any way (heck, they're located in Ca and I'm in NH!) So this isn't an endorsement for them. Just a heads up for anybody buying a new plane, or bargaining with somebody for one

best regards
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