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Joe, thanks for your response.
I read some of the comments on Watt Flyer about Hobby King and Bang (you?!) Good.
To be fair, I've never ordered from either, however those comments confirm my suspicions about them.

It would further appear to me that the fading away of suppliers who cater more to builders is just one more "nail in the coffin"
for those of us who still enjoy constructing traditionally built model aircraft as opposed to buying them "R.T.F.".

Unfortunately, this trend goes hand in hand with the demise of model aircraft periodicals like Flying Models, a reliable source for
construction articles. It is still further enhanced by the nearly exclusive content of Model Aviation now days which is primarily devoted to the review, and promotion of imported Chinese R.T.F. foam products.

And then, when you add in the F.A.A.'s zeal to regulate anything flying higher than a frisbee, and (as I see it) the A.M.A.'s seemingly timid approach to resisting,... I don't see a very positive future for model aviation any longer.
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