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Default Help .. what to do ? 1520mm balsa Sopwith Camel

OK ... pal of mine has the DR1 at 1500mm span and we have sorted it so it flies superb. Plan now is for me to build the DW / ELERC Sopwith Camel of comparable size to create a 'Dueling Pair' for shows.

The Sopwith Camel from DW has an extended cowl to help with getting CoG right ... its so short a nose that it has similar problem as the DR1 ...

My apologies to WF for bringing in Wet Fuel but trying to decide whether to go E-motor or fit a 15cc RCGF Gasoline engine.


The manual under the files tab at HK shows :

Motor : EP 3530 (4250)
................ GP 15 - 20CC
Prop : 14 - 15"
Battery : 6S 2600 - 4000

What I would like to hear from - are anyone who has built this / know people personally who have built this and help me decide ..

Given the CoG problems that so many people highlight with this model - if I go E-motor ... I have a 5055 650KV motor spare and 6S packs ... way over powered but IMHO more comparable to the 15cc Gasoline engine than a 4250 - which I have in other models.

So I have following available :

ASP 61 2str Glow - not suited to 14" or more props
RCGF 15cc Gasoline - can swing a 15" easily, with the CDi etc. - can probably cure CoG without too much extra lead
Turnigy 5055A 450KV 1400W - nice slow turning prop swinger on 6S
Turnigy 5055B 650KV 1500W - similar but could live with 5S

Pros and Cons please ???
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