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Default This about the Mini Acro Magnum Reloaded

My flying buddy and I are interesting in getting the Acro Magnum, and so I went to the West Michigan (WM) flyers web site and they of course are sold out. They also had a mini version on the site for a bit, and now that is totally off their website. So I contacted them via the website and asked if they were going to have any mini(s) sometime. Was informed that as far as they could tell, their supplier didn't make the mini anymore.

So I poked around and found this site in Germany that has the mini :

They do except Paypal so I don't have to expose my personal credit stuff to the other side of the pond, which is nice, and it appears the shipping would be about 20 Euro ( 21 or so US bucks ).

My question is, has anyone ordered anything from these folks, if so what was your experience ?

Thanks in advance...

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