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Default effects of sustained full power + heat?

trying to educate myself on what to expect from a electric motor. i have the ultra micro t-28 and it seems that the tiny brushed motor is dying from back to back full power flights of 6 minutes. is this abuse? is this too much for the motor to deal with on hot summer days. i am on motor number 2 and it just started to act up again. getting about 20 flights before problems. starting to make noises in flight then just stop. sounds kinda like friction noise. can get it going but only for short periods. getting worse. i have 8 batteries at the field and run them through back to back with minimal down time. am i killing the motor from over use? can someone tell me how i can prolong the life of the motor? rest period between flights? how long? less than full power during the 6 minutes? sorry for the questions as im new but love this plane to death. literally i guess. very appreciative of any and all advise from those in the know. thanks alot, walt.
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