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Well I guess in a round about way, that was the point I was trying to make. The flight MUST have a given flight profile to do any real testing and make it meaningful. Straight and level at WOT from the slowest speed you can maintain or better yet, a standing start to level flight at WOT, but the battery MUST be big enough to maintain a constant draw without a heavy load being placed on it to keep the voltage as steady as possible and the amp draw steady. I know the amps are going to go down when the motor load decreases, but given that, the battery voltage should also go up with a liter load. Using a graph on a stunt flight is almost meaningless because the load is constantly changing as the attitude of the plane changes.

I am not trying to put anyone down, but if you are going to run a test, then it must be a test and nothing else period. Anything thrown in can change the results to the point of being meaningless. Changing throttle position is not going to help either. The standard test for anything has as few extra data points as possible so as to get some meaningful data.

I worked in PMEL for quite some time, and when we calibrate something, we input a constant for the test and nothing else, or the test is of no use. The same applies to this unloading point. To do a proper test, you MUST do a proper test or the results mean nothing. THAT is the point I was trying to make and if it didn't come out clear before, I'm sorry.

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