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Originally Posted by BEC View Post

I have a couple of EagleTree files that have GPS speed as well as RPM logged (from the SHAFT review on RCG). Interested in those? No throttle setting logged, though.

Motor winding and ESC temps are also logged, along with Volts and Amps of course.
Thanks Bernard, but unless I can tell if your climbing/diveing and throttle settings it doesnt do a lot of good. I havent been able to figure out how to reference back to static values without that data as well.

I think the ideal data file will include volts, amps, rpm and possibly speed.

Then the plane needs to fly a specific flight profile so we can tell whats happening when.

In particuler I think a straight and level full throttle run starting from a low speed to max speed will be the most relevant and revealing as far as pure unloading in reference to a static reading. We also need the static full power data.

Climbs and dives will be interesting all on thier own but I dont think they help with the basic question that much. Id still like to see what % of change they cause just for fun.

I probably wont have time and good weather to do any logged runs untill this weekend some time.

Jeff sent me the wrong file so we are still waiting on that

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