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I still do not understand this thing everyone has about battery sag. What in the world has battery sag got to do with prop unloading in the air. ( NOTHING ) Battery sag is not an issue for prop unloading and never has been. The prop either unloads or not - period. Battery sag is an issue of the condition of the battery and a whole bunch of other things, but that does not make a prop load or unload. It makes the motor run faster or slower, but that has nothing to do with prop loading, ever. Put a plane in a steep dive at WOT and tell me that battery sag has something to do with the motor screaming it's heart out. If you are worried about battery sag, then put a 4000mah battery in a 200W powered plane like I did and tell me battery sag is causing the prop to load up. I could hear the prop speed up as I took off and when I put it in a dive. That is prop unloading. The battery is big enough that battery sag does not come into it. Yes the voltage drops as I use up the battery, but what has that got to do with prop loading???
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