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Well, Im ticked off - at myself! I had a loooooooong answer to everyones posts since yesterday and then lost it!


Well, Im out of time now so I'll give you all the short version - I dont really disagree with anything anyone has said - for the most part

Everyone has made comments and observations that make sense.

However - I still want to run some numbers. I need time to go through Bernards data files and collect some relavent data points and do the math. Then I want to do a few flights on my systems and see what I come up with when the throttle positions and flight profile are more of a known factor.

I still believe that battery sag is going to be significant - the question remains how significant and how does it vary.

I can test setups with marginal and much larger battery capacities on the same plane so that will help in that reguard.

Tram - if you sent me that data file of you flying that particular profile - I never did get it.

As I said before - this isnt a question that will change the world or even make much - if any - impact on how anyone sizes thier systems - Im just curious.

So far Im finding the discussion very interesting and informative
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