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And it did not take much of a dive to cut the motor current by 50% or more.
Which is why in the first attachment the time for the second min. of flight at approx. 65% Throttle shows between 400 watts and 750 watts at a fixed / constant throttle position.

In short long high power climbs eat battery capacity big time.

Guess I am not smart enough to explain it but I know I can fly 3D, low , slow and close in for a whole lot longer than sports / pattern style flying with same aircraft.

The A123 cells have not lost ANY RPM on the motor during this flying season.
One of the great benefits of the A123 cells is that while capacity drops slowly the IR stays the same and the only change is a slight reduction in flight times if you fly them till dry. If you never use more than 2000 mAh from them then flight # 500 is the same as flight #1.

I do have A123s with over 300 flights 6 min. average flight times and one right at 500 flights with 8 min avergae flight times .

I charged my two 125Ah deep cycles that I use as a power source at field Fri, morning. I flew Fri. evening,Sat. and this morning. In the past I determined that it required approx. .66Ah to recharge each A123 cell on average. This afternoon it took 60Ah to recharge my deep cycles.
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