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Originally Posted by everydayflyer View Post
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Voltage 15.78 to 15.30 for a 0.48V or 3.1% difference

Amps. 24.65 to 29.52 for 4.87 or 16.5% differenct.

Sorry I fall so see where the question has not been answered.

Sorry Charles, obviously Im not doing a very good job of getting my idea across - but no, it doesnt answer my question at all. There is still too much missing data

For starters, that 3.1% drop in voltage would have accounted for a 9.6% drop in total power all on its own - but I have no way to reference it to the current or rpm at exact same time and no reference back to a static value. So - no way to tell what % of the over all power drop was due to voltage drop and what % due to unloading and what % was due to your loops, dives etc.

Im at work and have no time to go into details now, so more later....
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