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Bernard Cawley
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What Larry's concerned about is that even though the prop unloads to some extent, as energy is drawn from the battery its voltage goes down. You can see this in some of the graphs already posted as a general downward slope to the voltage plot even though there are local peaks and valleys due to changing throttle settings/load.

And I just realized I've contradicted myself about fast planes with deeply pitched props. In one post I suggested that's where we'd see the most unloading and in another that that might be the case where the in-flight load is higher than static. I suppose I'd better make up my mind, no? Actually I think that which situation one sees depends on the power, prop and flight condition. I can conceive of a case where both were true on the same airplane - a slightly stalled prop statically loads up as the plane accelerates and the prop is no longer stalled, then unloads again as the plane continues to accelerate.

That, however, is all outside the realm of the sorts of planes and flying where I've done any onboard logging.
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