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Originally Posted by Silverback View Post
LOL, you used the word sensible... most people that know me... well...
Yeh I know !!

It's funny how in different disciplines the same thing is treated completely different. In the woodworking world GG foam in considered not structural and as having no strength, where here it's a reinforcing foam spar
If GG is sprayed with water - I agree it is a filling type of adhesive and non structural, as it foams up significantly. But try it without water and then see what it does ... it will be stronger than your foam core and paper covering by a large margin.
I have used straight PU Glue (I refuse to pay GG inflated price ! same generic glue by Bison is 1/3rd price for 2x volume !) to anchor retracts, wing bolts, all sorts of load bearing items.

I know I've read of someone using GG to wet out FG, but I don't remember the details. I suspect that the way to make it work is to mix the GG with some water or white glue/wood glue, let it foam and then use the foam to wet out the FG, I know that kind of thing works with 2 part expanding urethane foam- you sort of smash it down again after it starts foaming and you get a really strong adhesive. I'd be more likely to try to use CA (I've done that on stick built wings) or water-based polyurethane to wet out the FG if I wasn't going to use epoxy...
Personally I would use PVA White glue if not epoxy or Ployester.

Right now I'm not really sure where to get FG cloth that thin/light either locally or in a few days (amazon prime...).
Normal woven medium weight bandage is fine

I also did some searching for nylon and PVA with no luck. What kind of nylon?
I buy the lightest plain Net Curtain nylon I can find in local Household shop ....

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