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Default Joining Hot Wire Cut Wing Pannels

I could use some suggestions on how to join hot wire cut Owens Corning pink foam (fomular 250) covered in white glue/brown masking paper together at the center to hold a few degrees dihedral and how much bracing it will need. The plane is a Cub/tundra plane type profile, high wing, 48" span, 9.25" chord, with ailerons and flaps (I think I'll cut servos in after I join them, not sure). The wing halves have no bracing right now, just foam/paper covering, and honestly, they feel pretty rigid, they don't seem to need a spar, but I'm pretty nervous about the center joint, especially because I'm hoping to put about 4* of dihedral in it.

What would you use? How would you do it? Anything to look out for?
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