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Old thread but mines still alive !!

Dragged her out to see if I could sort the lack of grass take-off.

Every time I tried - she would dig her nose in and refuse.

Today I carefully measured thrist lines and found the props had different amounts of DOWN .. stbd was about 5 deg ... port about 3 deg. They both also were not straight, given the contra rotation props - side thrust is not needed.

I carefully removed the top nacelle shells and then glued spacers under the motor posts to pitch up. Put the nacelle tops back and then measured again The port one was still slightly down, so I took a lollipop stick and via a tight slot in bottom nacelle pushed the motor post up to correct .. epoxied stick in place and now she's all done.

Took her outside and motored her easily around the roughish grass I have. SUCCESS ! The secret as I suspected is to have motors without downthrust - to be in line with wing ...
Now to see what she is like in flight.

Interesting item : Last time I flew her was May 27 2017 ..... today I found I had left a 3S 2200 Lipo in her !! Its still in good order ..............
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