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You helped to decide on the Edge, so a big thanks for that because it's far and away the best flying 3d/aerobatic model I've had the pleasure of flying. As you say, it's rock solid in a harrier, far more so than any supposed 3D capable model I've flown before.
I went flying today and with the help of the 'Bone Doc' video tutorial pulled off my first really clean KE spin. It was a beautiful thing to behold even if i do say so myself. The Edge seems to lock right into a KE spin with the wings virtually vertical and losing height remarkably slowly. I gave it a go with my other 3D model and just could get it to lock in in the same way, no doubt in the right hands it's possible with my other model but the Edge just makes it much easier.

The surprising thing with the EXP's (and 3d models in general) is that they are so easy to fly if you just want to cruise around and do gentle aerobatics. Low wing loading and clean response to controls makes them a pleasure to fly, even if you are only in the mood for a relaxing stooge around the sky. The other big plus with the EF models is the design, quality and finish is so good. This is probably the first ARTF where I have reluctantly to admit that I couldn't have built it as well myself. I've had nothing but compliments from all who have seen it at the field.

And, no, i'm not on commission from EF (chance would be a fine thing)

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