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Default 3DHS 330SC - removing wrinkles from covering

Anyone who has followed any of my post knows I'm getting back into the hobby after raising kids from 17++ years.

So far I have a couple of foamies such as the multiplex acromaster.

But I recently began the assembly of a 57" 3DHS 330SC.

For the most part the covering is beautiful but there are spots like bottom of rear wing where the covering is wrinkled. The bottom of the wing is covered in the blue that you can see through and it is wrinkled. Then when they applied the white accent stripes it followed the wrinkle in the blue.

I could probably leave well enough alone but I've read many a post and watched videos that say with patience these wrinkles can be removed.

I still have my old covering iron from years gone by (think it is a thunder tiger brand) and I really want to learn all the skills so I figured I'd give it a go.

Back in the day I always slipped an old sock over the iron and start on a temp setting of about one. I even remember in the old days I often just did the perimeter and then used a hair dryer to shrink the rest because ironing to balsa...well sometimes you end up seeing the wood grain and not really wrinkles (or something like that). The hair dryer made like a slick bag with monokote (that is what I used back then) only adhered to the edges and seams.

Anyway, I decided to start with the bottom of the back wing since seldom is it ever seen and ... well ... it isnít going so great. Not sure I have made a single improvement via iron or hair dryer. In some cases I think I have now attached covering to the balsa and am now seeing the wood grain in the covering so ... well...not much of an improvement. And in the areas where there is the contrasting color layer on top of a base layer...geeesh, I've probably made those areas worse as well.

So I figured I better not trust the over 20+ year memories of how easy it used to be and search the internet for a refresher. But once again search is not being my friend.

Anyone able to point me to a previous post that does more that just reference, "with patience you can remove the wrinkles"? Or anyone have any suggestions even if it is "leave well enough alone"? Is a temp setting of 1 to low? Would the wifeís hair dryer (she has one of the hot ones) shrink the covering 3DHS uses?

Thanks in advance for any and all help
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