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solentlife 06-14-2016 08:45 AM

I must stop drinking ! - Guan Li Catalina
So sitting there other evening watching the trees swaying in the wind outside. I started thinking about models again. Having gone through my minds eye's worth of the female type - I got onto 'our' models.

More than once over the last few years I have looked at the Gain Li Catalina .... cheap and cheerful but plagued by problems according to various reviews. Main complaint seems to be bad ESC's.

Well HK sell it at attractive price as a PnF .... having had a few beers - I clicked to buy.

Remains to be seen what comes.

Will do a assembly and setup thread once received.


firemanbill 06-14-2016 02:16 PM

Ooooh, Beer and the internet can be a bad thing...:eek::Q

I've had boxes show up that make me wonder which Friday night it was I ordered whatever it is that's in that box...:D

dahawk 06-14-2016 04:32 PM

Can sit on your deck with beer and fly

solentlife 06-14-2016 05:27 PM

AT moment just got back from Chinese restaurant ... had to please the 'old girl' after buying another model ... and its new shoes for her tomorrow !!

But just fitted new sides to the Zlin motor box ... once the PU glue is set tomorrow ... then I fit the new bottom and doubler to firewall .... she'll be ready to mate to the fuselage.

But more on the actual thread ...

Catalina has entered postal system ... so 3 - 4 days and I shall be with it ...


firemanbill 06-14-2016 06:39 PM

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I'm good for a while with my Gal. Did this for her last year at a cost of almost $30k... She doesn't complain about planes now. Not that she did before mind you, she has always supported me and my Son doing this great hobby.

formontoya 06-14-2016 08:03 PM

that should be worth a plane or 2...

solentlife 06-14-2016 09:09 PM

Reminds me of the old joke ....

One guy says to another .... "My wife wants a new watch......"

Other guy replies .... "Why... hasn't she got a clock on the cooker ?"


firemanbill 06-14-2016 09:42 PM

HAHA! Nice one.

I have to give my wife a lot of credit, when I wanted a bigger camper for going to events and such she got me a 38 foot Toy Hauler 5th wheel for my birthday 3 years ago. Granted we are still paying for it, but as they say, it's the thought that counts.

Anyway, back on track. Good luck with the Cat. I have the Hobbico Tidewater and no matter what I do it tends to still get some water inside of it. Gotta keep an eye on the esc and battery for moisture content. Water tends to weaken the lid that holds all the smoke inside the ESC.:p>

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